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MAGE token is trending. What about GOIN? – market wrap

MetaBrands is a promising project. A large group of individuals from all around the world established this network. The team members have worked in the web3 and blockchain space for many years together. Furthermore, DAO Advisors specialize in the fields of blockchain and web3 core development, governance, decentralization, branding, and design. They also have experience in finance, marketing, and content creation, as well as community growth, gaming and eSports, and positive social influence.

Collectively, the MetaBrands DAO has more than 30 years of experience in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Thus, it provides its extensive knowledge and understanding to navigate Defi’s dynamic landscape.

The team created the native token for its platform. It is launching MAGE on December 11, 2021. The token price will be $0.100000 during the initial coin offering. The company’s fundraising goal is $100,000.

MetaBrands offers many exciting features. MAGE is the ERC-20 utility and governance token for its ecosystem. Users will be able to earn the MAGE token through liquidity mining, monthly Airdrops, and additional community initiatives. The token holders will have an opportunity to participate in the DAO by voting opportunities and creating proposals.

Furthermore, investors can use MetaBrands’ token to mint NFT Relics, Heroes, etc., and get yield thanks to the airdrops on a monthly basis in MAGE coins. They will also be able to trade MAGE and use it as a liquid cryptocurrency asset, earn yield for adding tokens to the liquidity pool and get discounts on NFT purchases by using the MAGE.

What makes this platform unique?

According to the team, the Metaverse is the culmination and convergence of reality and a dream world. Thanks to the evolution of web3 and Defi technology, people are collectively contributing to a new era where they can have the power to create the realities they desire. Moreover, people have a chance to express themselves in a digital world that can directly correlate to their personal lives in the physical world.

Considering these opportunities, the team created, aiming to provide a reliable transport vessel directly into the Metaverse for those brave users who wanted to experience it firsthand, without reading the comprehensive, non-existent user manual.

The company believes that working together toward the common good is one of the best ways to create a positive social impact, both in the physical world and the digital world. Such a vision goes hand-in-hand with a philosophy to which it ascribes, “a rising tide raises all ships.” MetaBrands’ vision contains no endgame because evolution is an endless process.

The team advocates freedom over everything else and plans to gain it through blockchain and decentralized technology. Thus, the company’s mission is to provide a simple way for all types of users to interact, as well as benefit from everything that this realm has to offer. It aims to unite all kinds of entities in the Metaverse, including players, developers, participants, organizations, and all brands alike.

How will MetaBrands achieve its goals?

The company plans to create a thriving Metaverse Resource DAO. The latter will allow instant exposure to the top-performing play-to-earn models, NFTs, and player-owned economies. Moreover, this model will connect people with innovative brands that bridge the relationship between ecosystems, platforms, and games with Defi participants and players in a seamless fashion. MetaBrands’ goal is to establish a gradual rising floor by purchasing MAGE tokens on the public market. The team will airdrop collected yield back to NFT owners who are qualified for the program.

The company intends to establish a DAO that operates a metaverse asset portfolio for participating and accumulating play-to-earn game models (P2E), NFTs, and digital real estate used in player-owned ecosystems. That will allow investors and everyday traders to increase their exposure and familiarize themselves in these emerging markets.

MetaBrands will provide above-wage income in exchange for asset management and utilization to empower local communities. The company will achieve that by establishing the MetaBrands DAO and setting a core foundation in play-to-earn gaming ecosystems. Such actions will ensure that all parties involved will share the social-economic benefit. Consequently, MetaBrands will also be able to generate yield on a monthly basis and distribute it back to the community.

Furthermore, as MetaBrands scales, the team will be able to orchestrate the talented network of developers, gamers, advisors, artists, Defi participants, and marketers within the community. It will provide access to skills, assets, and essential resources needed to bring specular ideas or projects to life.

The MAGE token is equipped to withstand market volatility better, thanks to its unique tokenomics model, exposure in play-to-earn environments, and asset diversification. The latter generate yield in direct correlation to the playerbase throughout the metaverse. As a result, MetaBrands has monthly resources to purchase MAGE and airdrop them to eligible NFT owners.

What about the GOinfluencer’s ICO?

GOinfluencer offers Defi investors to give their brands a rocket boost with influencer marketing. This platform provides an influencer marketplace for crypto projects. Moreover, it is an end-to-end campaign management tool. Thanks to this platform, investors will be able to analyze projects. Meanwhile, the GOIN community will receive airdrops of GOinfluencer projects based on staking.

The team plans to launch its ICO on December 12, 2021. The sale will end on December 14, 2021. 12,500,000 GOIN tokens will be available for purchase for the price of $0.010000 per token. That is 1.25% of the total supply. The company wants to raise $125,000 in exchange for its native tokens, and it will accept USDC, USDT, and BUSD in exchange.

What about GOinfluencer’s features?

This platform has some exciting features. For instance, it offers an AI-powered advanced search engine that suggests the right set of influencers to promote clients’ brands. There is also GOinfluencer score (ranking of influencers based on various factors), which sorts influencer lists and offers the results to the users. As a result, investors will be able to select influencers based on different factors, including marketing budget, engagement rate, influencer followers, influencer follower loyalty, ROI, etc.

GOinfluencer also provides in-depth analytics of each influencer based on their profiles across all social media platforms. Overall, this company has strong potential.




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